Here you can safely trade your items in exchange for gold coins (Zen) or game bonuses (Bonuses), so before buying a certain item you get a reliable description, so you are insured against fraud. All sales in the market are subject to 16% fees.

Exc. Totem Dragon Wand +12 Greshnik 207 28.09.2022 21:00
Exc. Great Reign Crossbow +12 Swe3zy 52 29.09.2022 02:00
Exc. Pendant of Ability Bitaxa 302 29.09.2022 03:00
Wings of Dragon +13 Fedot 300 29.09.2022 13:00
Exc. Adamantine Gloves Krasav4ik 25 29.09.2022 18:00

Found items
Items Barnake Pendant of Lightning 34.8 kk Zen.
Gloves Ceto Vine Gloves 40.6 kk Zen.
Swords Sword of Archangel 17 Bon.
Swords Exc. Azure Dragon Greatsword +13 4,872 Bon.
Swords Sword of Archangel 12 Bon.
Swords Sword of Archangel 17 Bon.
Swords Sword of Archangel 12 Bon.
Pants Aruan Guardian Pants 58 Bon.
Staffs Exc. Grand Soul Staff +12 464 Bon.
Armors Exc. Plate Armor +11 70 Bon.
Bows Gaia Light Crossbow 52.2 kk Zen.
Boots Exc. Spirit Boots 7 Bon.
Wings Crystal of Multi-Shot 81.2 kk Zen.
Wings Wings of Darkness 301.6 kk Zen.
Maces Exc. Lord Scepter 12 Bon.
Pants Evis Bone Pants 6 Bon.
Armors Divine Armor +12 75.4 kk Zen.
Items Cape of Lord 139 Bon.
Armors Divine Armor +11 116 kk Zen.
Boots Divine Boots +11 116 kk Zen.
Staffs Hera Gorgon Staff 17 Bon.
Armors Enis Legendary Armor 99 Bon.
Items Warrior Ring of Ice 12 Bon.
Items Aruan Pendant of Ability 7 Bon.
Spears Exc. Dragon Spear +9 35 Bon.
Other Green Mistery Box 480 Bon.
Other Box of Kundun +3 9 Bon.
Armors Evis Bone Armor 46 Bon.
Items Dark Raven 58 Bon.
Swords Exc. Sword of Betrayal +13 580 Bon.
Armors Anubis Legendary Armor 151 Bon.
Swords Exc. Serpent Sword 17 Bon.
Armors Muren Storm Crow Armor 139 Bon.
Swords Exc. Hero's Greatsword +12 197 Bon.
Boots Legendary Boots +10 40.6 kk Zen.
Swords Exc. Rune Blade +10 35 Bon.
Items Gaion Pendant of Water 30 Bon.
Bows Exc. Celestial Bow 15 Bon.
Swords Exc. Rune Blade 13 Bon.
Gloves Exc. Silk Gloves 23 Bon.
Armors Exc. Bone Armor 23 Bon.
Helms Gaia Silk Helm 40.6 kk Zen.
Pants Gaia Silk Pants 40.6 kk Zen.
Armors Glorious Armor +9 6 Bon.
Boots Barnake Pad Boots 34.8 kk Zen.
Helms Warrior Leather Helm 34.8 kk Zen.
Gloves Hyon Dragon Gloves 6 Bon.
Bows Exc. Chaos Nature Bow +9 174 kk Zen.
Boots Evis Bone Boots 10 Bon.
Items Cape of Lord 232 kk Zen.

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