Items / Characters


Here you can safely trade your items in exchange for gold coins (Zen) or game bonuses (Bonuses), so before buying a certain item you get a reliable description, so you are insured against fraud. All sales in the market are subject to 16% fees.

Found items
Maces Exc. Lord Scepter 21 Bon.
Staffs Exc. Grand Soul Staff 1.74 kkk Zen.
Pants Exc. Dark Steel Pants 15 Bon.
Armors Exc. Hurricane Armor 7 Bon.
Wings Gemstone x30 39 Bon.
Wings Jewel of Life x10 7 Bon.
Wings Wings of Darkness +13 116 Bon.
Wings Wings of Spirit +13 116 Bon.
Items Exc. Ring of Wind 45 Bon.
Items Exc. Ring of Magic 162 Bon.
Wings Wings of Dragon 12 Bon.
Items Exc. Ring of Magic 116 Bon.
Helms Exc. Brass Helm 6 Bon.
Gloves Exc. Thunder Hawk Gloves 50 Bon.
Other 4.5 kkk Zen 128 Bon.
Items Abyss Pendant of Water 29 Bon.
Bows Abyss Bluewing Crossbow +7 87 Bon.
Pants Gaia Silk Pants 11.6 kk Zen.
Boots Exc. Leather Boots 23.2 kk Zen.
Wings Wings of Spirit +13 8.12 kkk Zen.
Helms Exc. Wind Helm 139.2 kk Zen.
Bows Exc. Great Reign Crossbow +12 116 Bon.
Pants Exc. Hurricane Pants +13 232 Bon.
Gloves Exc. Thunder Hawk Gloves +11 81 Bon.
Swords Exc. Lighting Sword +13 209 Bon.
Items Exc. Ring of Wind 116 Bon.
Armors Sati Iris Armor 56 Bon.
Armors Exc. Legendary Armor 8 Bon.
Armors Seir Adamantine Armor 51 Bon.
Swords Exc. Bone Blade 1.86 kkk Zen.
Gloves Exc. Bronze Gloves 649.6 kk Zen.
Boots Exc. Great Dragon Boots 185.6 kk Zen.
Gloves Exc. Leather Gloves +12 37 Bon.
Swords Exc. Sword of Betrayal +13 121 Bon.
Armors Exc. Valiant Armor 139.2 kk Zen.
Armors Exc. Bone Armor 371.2 kk Zen.
Pants Jokers Valiant Pants 121 Bon.
Gloves Exc. Legendary Gloves 371.2 kk Zen.
Boots Loki Valiant Boots 89 Bon.
Items Exc. Ring of Ice 232 Bon.
Other 1 kkk Zen 22 Bon.
Other 1 kkk Zen 22 Bon.
Shields Exc. Crimson Glory Shield 92.8 kk Zen.
Boots Seir Adamantine Boots 56 Bon.
Boots Exc. Light Plate Boots 80 Bon.
Pants Talia Iris Pants 186 Bon.
Shields Exc. Cross Shield 278.4 kk Zen.
Maces Exc. Great Lord Scepter 185.6 kk Zen.
Helms Exc. Seraphim Helm 79 Bon.
Armors Exc. Volcano Armor 37 Bon.

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