Here you can safely trade your items in exchange for gold coins (Zen) or game bonuses (Bonuses), so before buying a certain item you get a reliable description, so you are insured against fraud. All sales in the market are subject to 15% fees.

Exc. Dark Legendary Staff +13 FATALYTY 400 03.06.2023 08:00
Exc. Red Spirit Helm +13 Mother 101 03.06.2023 12:00
Exc. Divine Armor +13 ForWarD 200 04.06.2023 13:00
Loki Valiant Armor +9 -Jin- 11 05.06.2023 15:00

Found items
Pants Exc. Thunder Hawk Pants 173 Bon.
Gloves Exc. Hurricane Gloves 402.5 kk Zen.
Boots Exc. Storm Crow Boots +13 575 Bon.
Pants Exc. Storm Crow Pants +13 575 Bon.
Gloves Exc. Storm Crow Gloves +13 575 Bon.
Armors Exc. Storm Crow Armor +13 575 Bon.
Armors Exc. Sphinx Armor 15 Bon.
Armors Exc. Light Plate Armor 1.15 kkk Zen.
Swords Exc. Chaos Blade 1.15 kkk Zen.
Boots Exc. Dark Scale Boots +7 200 Bon.
Pants Exc. Dark Master Pants 1.15 kkk Zen.
Pants Exc. Spirit Pants 920 kk Zen.
Swords Exc. Bloodreaver 690 kk Zen.
Boots Exc. Thunder Hawk Boots +9 174 Bon.
Pants Exc. Thunder Hawk Pants +9 174 Bon.
Gloves Exc. Thunder Hawk Gloves +9 174 Bon.
Armors Exc. Thunder Hawk Armor +9 174 Bon.
Boots Exc. Sphinx Boots 928 kk Zen.
Armors Exc. Scale Armor 1.16 kkk Zen.
Shields Exc. Crystal Shroud 812 kk Zen.
Maces Exc. Elemental Wand 1.16 kkk Zen.
Spears Exc. Dragon Spear 345 kk Zen.
Swords Exc. Sword of Betrayal 575 kk Zen.
Maces Exc. Frost Wand 58 Bon.
Swords Exc. Rune Blade +10 23 Bon.
Boots Exc. Paewang Boots +9 81 Bon.
Armors Ignored Red Spirit Armor 58 Bon.
Boots Prime Dark Phoenix Boots 35 Bon.
Armors Exc. Dark Scale Armor +9 35 Bon.
Pants Exc. Dragon Knight Pants +12 11,500 Bon.
Gloves Exc. Paewang Gloves 58 Bon.
Shields Exc. Royal Protector +13 230 Bon.
Wings Wings of Ruin +13 805 Bon.
Swords Exc. PvP Sword of Dancer +13 805 Bon.
Wings Jewel of Anc Harmony x10 100 Bon.
Shields Exc. Infernal Steel Shield +15 3,450 Bon.
Staffs Exc. Legendary Staff 23 Bon.
Gloves Exc. Thunder Hawk Gloves 52 Bon.
Pants Exc. Titan Pants 58 Bon.
Wings Higher Refining Stone x30 17 Bon.
Staffs Exc. Grand Soul Staff 14 Bon.
Armors Exc. Legendary Armor 58 Bon.
Other 2 kkk Zen 23 Bon.
Other 2 kkk Zen 23 Bon.
Other 2 kkk Zen 23 Bon.
Armors Exc. Hurricane Armor 575 kk Zen.
Armors Exc. Storm Crow Armor 10 Bon.
Wings Wings of Satan 12 Bon.
Wings Wings of Fairy 12 Bon.
Shields Exc. Dark Legendary Shield 29 Bon.

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