Here you can safely trade your items in exchange for gold coins (Zen) or game bonuses (Bonuses), so before buying a certain item you get a reliable description, so you are insured against fraud. All sales in the market are subject to 15% fees.

Wings of Dragon Chucky 103 Bon 23.04.2024 00:00
Exc. Basilisk Sword Paalis 400 Bon 23.04.2024 11:00
Staff of Atlantis +13 AYAYAYAYAY 101 Bon 23.04.2024 14:00
Exc. Cursed Dagger +12 AYAYAYAYAY 125 Bon 23.04.2024 21:00
Exc. Ring of Ice McLaren 250 Bon 24.04.2024 06:00

Found items: 4282
Swords Exc. Dark Breaker 9 Bon
Boots Exc. Spirit Boots 6 Bon
Gloves Exc. Wind Gloves 230 Bon
Gloves Exc. Bronze Gloves 6 Bon
Gloves Exc. Silk Gloves 46 Bon
Boots Exc. Hurricane Boots 6 Bon
Pants Vicious Dragon Pants 6 Bon
Armors Exc. Storm Crow Armor +11 75 Bon
Armors Exc. Wind Armor +11 115 Bon
Boots Elvian Wind Boots 28.75 kk Zen
Pants Darkside Adamantine Pants 6 Bon
Helms Mist Bronze Helm 6 Bon
Helms Exc. Leather Helm 23 kk Zen
Gloves Exc. Brass Gloves 23 kk Zen
Gloves Exc. Light Plate Gloves 8 Bon
Maces Exc. Master Scepter +3 8 Bon
Armors Exc. Light Plate Armor 18.4 kk Zen
Armors Gaia Silk Armor 28.75 kk Zen
Armors Vicious Dragon Armor 6 Bon
Items Red Fenrir 3,450 Bon
Shields Exc. Bronze Shield +9 138 Bon
Helms Exc. Dark Soul Helm +11 115 Bon
Staffs Exc. Staff of Resurrection +12 288 Bon
Armors Exc. Plate Armor +11 805 Bon
Gloves Exc. Plate Gloves +11 805 Bon
Boots Exc. Plate Boots +11 805 Bon
Maces Exc. Totem Dragon Wand +14 345 Bon
Gloves Ceto Vine Gloves 178 Bon
Other 100 kk Zen 13 Bon
Helms Exc. Legendary Helm 21 Bon
Items Wild Ring of Magic 17 Bon
Swords Exc. Greatsword of Atlantis 69 Bon
Staffs Exc. Chaos Lighting Staff +13 196 Bon
Bows Exc. Bolt 81 Bon
Items Pet Rudolf 9 Bon
Swords Exc. Double Blade 57.5 kk Zen
Shields Exc. Dragon Shield 69 kk Zen
Maces Exc. Chaos Dragon Axe 207 kk Zen
Other 105 kk Zen 13 Bon
Other 105 kk Zen 13 Bon
Wings Wings of Darkness +11 235 Bon
Helms Seir Adamantine Helm 40.25 kk Zen
Boots Fase Silk Boots 28.75 kk Zen
Pants Hyperion Bronze Pants 35 Bon
Items Broken Horn 1,024 Bon
Pants Muren Storm Crow Pants 172.5 kk Zen
Items Anubis Ring of Fire 230 Bon
Helms Berserker Scale Helm 28.75 kk Zen
Pants Gaion Storm Crow Pants 52 Bon
Boots Ceto Vine Boots 34.5 kk Zen

Master Jade Avalon Mega Vegas Extreme