Here you can safely trade your items in exchange for gold coins (Zen) or game bonuses (Bonuses), so before buying a certain item you get a reliable description, so you are insured against fraud. All sales in the market are subject to 15% fees.

Exc. Pendant of Ability Benja 86 Bon 29.05.2024 16:00
Exc. Arrows +13 RAT3 500 Bon 29.05.2024 20:00
Exc. Ebony Blade +13 GorkeMG 1250 Bon 29.05.2024 22:00
Seir Adamantine Armor +9 Costoiu 300 Bon 30.05.2024 02:00
Exc. Lighting Sword +12 RAT3 100 Bon 01.06.2024 12:00

Found items: 4204
Helms Enis Legendary Helm 17 Bon
Helms Enis Legendary Helm 17 Bon
Items Drake Ring of Wind 28.75 kk Zen
Items Ceto Ring of Earth 5 Bon
Helms Rave Plate Helm 5 Bon
Armors Mist Bronze Armor 23 Bon
Items Exc. Ring of Fire +12 1,725 Bon
Wings Shard of Condor x10 690 Bon
Helms Exc. Dark Master Helm 37 Bon
Boots Exc. Storm Crow Boots 33.12 kk Zen
Pants Aruan Guardian Pants 57.5 kk Zen
Other Arcanum of Life 575 kk Zen
Helms Exc. Pad Helm +7 58 Bon
Gloves Exc. Pad Gloves +9 58 Bon
Boots Exc. Pad Boots +9 58 Bon
Armors Exc. Pad Armor +9 58 Bon
Pants Exc. Pad Pants +9 58 Bon
Items Kantata Pendant of Ice 115 kk Zen
Armors Kantata Plate Armor 115 kk Zen
Gloves Kantata Plate Gloves 115 kk Zen
Boots Exc. Destroy Boots +9 35 Bon
Armors Exc. Destroy Armor +10 35 Bon
Pants Exc. Destroy Pants +9 35 Bon
Gloves Exc. Destroy Gloves +9 35 Bon
Wings Shard of Condor 154 Wbon
Wings Shard of Condor 154 Wbon
Wings Shard of Condor 154 Wbon
Wings Wings of Darkness +9 115 Bon
Items Muren Ring of Fire 6 Bon
Wings Shard of Condor 69 Bon
Armors Exc. Iris Armor 23 Bon
Other Violet Mistery Box 5 Bon
Armors Vicious Dragon Armor 81 Bon
Wings Wings of Darkness 20 Bon
Items Flame of Condor 2,415 Bon
Items Exc. Pendant of Fire +12 1,725 Bon
Wings Jewel of Soul x30 15 Bon
Wings Shard of Condor 72 Bon
Other Pink Mistery Box 12 Bon
Boots Exc. Great Dragon Boots 5 Bon
Bows Exc. Albatross Bow 12 Bon
Spears Exc. Beuroba 8 Bon
Gloves Exc. Bone Gloves 46 Bon
Boots Enis Legendary Boots 172.5 kk Zen
Boots Exc. Iris Boots 230 kk Zen
Boots Exc. Sphinx Boots 7 Bon
Helms Exc. Leather Helm +11 86 Bon
Armors Exc. Leather Armor +11 86 Bon
Gloves Exc. Leather Gloves +11 86 Bon
Boots Exc. Leather Boots +11 86 Bon

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