Here you can safely trade your items in exchange for gold coins (Zen) or game bonuses (Bonuses), so before buying a certain item you get a reliable description, so you are insured against fraud. All sales in the market are subject to 15% fees.

Seir Adamantine Boots +11 MasterX 1000 Bon 24.06.2024 12:00
Exc. Venom Mist Gloves Walle 1449 Bon 24.06.2024 14:00
Flame of Condor Maximus 1151 Bon 24.06.2024 15:00
Exc. Crossbow of Divinity +13 ATREXA 398 Bon 24.06.2024 15:00
Exc. Phantom Pants KJLl0KBA 150 Bon 25.06.2024 03:00

Found items: 3584
Staffs Exc. Staff of Darkness +13 1,380 Bon
Gloves Exc. Dark Phoenix Gloves 29 Bon
Boots Exc. Bone Boots 23 Bon
Armors Exc. Sphinx Armor 29 Bon
Armors Exc. Dark Phoenix Armor 58 Bon
Items Cape of Lord 35 Bon
Pants Evis Bone Pants 12 Bon
Gloves Exc. Spirit Gloves +11 17 Bon
Gloves Exc. Scale Gloves 862.5 kk Zen
Helms Exc. Adamantine Helm +11 500 Bon
Pants Exc. Adamantine Pants +13 500 Bon
Boots Exc. Adamantine Boots +13 500 Bon
Gloves Exc. Adamantine Gloves +13 500 Bon
Armors Exc. Adamantine Armor +11 500 Bon
Armors Exc. Dark Master Armor +11 46 Bon
Armors Exc. Hurricane Armor 32 Bon
Armors Exc. Valiant Armor 35 Bon
Helms Exc. Titan Helm 35 Bon
Helms Exc. Dark Master Helm +13 202 Bon
Wings Jewel of Guardian x10 81 Bon
Gloves Exc. Dark Master Gloves 230 Bon
Pants Exc. Storm Crow Pants 9 Bon
Maces Scepter of Archangel 23 kk Zen
Bows Exc. Tiger Bow 23 kk Zen
Pants Exc. Silk Pants 18.4 kk Zen
Maces Exc. Apprentice Wand 4.82 kk Zen
Wings Higher Refining Stone x30 690 kk Zen
Wings Higher Refining Stone x30 690 kk Zen
Items Claw of Beast 46 Bon
Other Violet Mistery Box 18 Bon
Other Violet Mistery Box 18 Bon
Other Violet Mistery Box 18 Bon
Other Violet Mistery Box 18 Bon
Pants Exc. Dark Soul Pants 207 Bon
Gloves Garuda Brass Gloves 6 Bon
Pants Agnis Light Plate Pants 6 Bon
Pants Enis Legendary Pants 6 Bon
Items Splinter of Armor 5 Bon
Items Bless of Guardian 5 Bon
Armors Exc. Scale Armor 6 Bon
Armors Hera Sphinx Armor 23 kk Zen
Pants Evis Bone Pants 23 kk Zen
Armors Exc. Pad Armor 9 Bon
Shields Exc. Crystal Shroud +13
230 Bon
Maces Exc. Wand of the Damned +13
345 Bon
Wings Wings of Illusion +11
4,025 Bon
Items Blue Fenrir
2,875 Bon
Wings Wings of Storm +9 10,350 Bon
Armors Exc. Light Plate Armor 22 Bon
Helms Mist Bronze Helm 26 Bon

Master Jade Avalon Mega Vegas Extreme