Here you can safely trade your items in exchange for gold coins (Zen) or game bonuses (Bonuses), so before buying a certain item you get a reliable description, so you are insured against fraud. All sales in the market are subject to 15% fees.

Exc. Scepter of Atlantis +13 lllIIIIIl 1555 Bon 27.07.2024 09:00

Found items: 2486
Boots Kantata Plate Boots 29 Bon
Armors Hera Sphinx Armor 20 Bon
Helms Anubis Legendary Helm 29 Bon
Boots Crusted Ashcrow Boots 575 kk Zen
Pants Crusted Ashcrow Pants 575 kk Zen
Gloves Crusted Ashcrow Gloves 575 kk Zen
Armors Crusted Ashcrow Armor 575 kk Zen
Staffs Exc. Grand Soul Staff 8 Bon
Armors Exc. Scale Armor 115 kk Zen
Other Lost Map +2 253 kk Zen
Boots Ignored Red Spirit Boots +9 173 Bon
Pants Ignored Red Spirit Pants +9 173 Bon
Armors Ignored Red Spirit Armor +9 173 Bon
Gloves Ignored Red Spirit Gloves +9 173 Bon
Helms Ignored Red Spirit Helm +9 173 Bon
Wings Jewel of Creation x20 20 Bon
Wings Green Ribbon Box 25 Bon
Other Violet Mistery Box 25 Bon
Wings Green Ribbon Box 25 Bon
Other Box of Kundun +5 25 Bon
Wings Green Ribbon Box 25 Bon
Wings Higher Refining Stone x30 1.15 kkk Zen
Pants Exc. Dark Master Pants +9 15 Bon
Gloves Exc. Dark Master Gloves +13 35 Bon
Pants Darkside Adamantine Pants 115 kk Zen
Swords Exc. Sword of Destruction 6 Bon
Swords Exc. Nightmare's Bane +1 30 Bon
Maces Exc. Frost Wand 6 Bon
Armors Exc. Storm Crow Armor 287.5 kk Zen
Armors Exc. Storm Crow Armor 230 kk Zen
Pants Shaned Dark Steel Pants +9 86 Bon
Helms Shaned Dark Steel Helm +9 86 Bon
Armors Shaned Dark Steel Armor +9 86 Bon
Boots Shaned Dark Steel Boots +9 86 Bon
Gloves Shaned Dark Steel Gloves +9 86 Bon
Gloves Exc. Seraphim Gloves +13 575 Bon
Boots Exc. Seraphim Boots +13 575 Bon
Pants Exc. Seraphim Pants +13 575 Bon
Armors Exc. Seraphim Armor +13 575 Bon
Helms Exc. Seraphim Helm +13 575 Bon
Other Pink Mistery Box 207 kk Zen
Armors Exc. Phantom Armor 46 Bon
Swords Exc. Mithril Shiv 5 Bon
Swords Exc. Hero's Greatsword 5 Bon
Shields Exc. Infernal Steel Shield 5 Bon
Armors Exc. Thunder Hawk Armor 230 kk Zen
Swords Exc. Thunder Blade 57.5 kk Zen
Helms Exc. Sphinx Helm 287.5 kk Zen
Maces Exc. Lord Scepter 103.5 kk Zen
Pants Crusted Ashcrow Pants 5 Bon

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