Here you can safely trade your items in exchange for gold coins (Zen) or game bonuses (Bonuses), so before buying a certain item you get a reliable description, so you are insured against fraud. All sales in the market are subject to 15% fees.

Found items: 3042
Bows Exc. Bolt +13 100 Bon
Bows Exc. Air Lyn Bow +13 40 Bon
Swords Exc. Dark Kris +13 23 Bon
Helms Exc. Seraphim Helm +14 288 Bon
Gloves Exc. Dragon Knight Gloves 20 Bon
Bows Exc. Dark Stinger Bow +13 173 Bon
Staffs Wild Staff of Destruction +9 15 Bon
Gloves Exc. Grand Soul Gloves +9 150 Bon
Boots Exc. Grand Soul Boots +9 150 Bon
Pants Exc. Grand Soul Pants +9 150 Bon
Armors Exc. Grand Soul Armor +9 150 Bon
Helms Exc. Grand Soul Helm +9 150 Bon
Other Green Mistery Box 35 Bon
Swords Exc. Demon Blade +9 127 Bon
Wings Jewel of Anc Harmony x10 22 Bon
Wings Wings of Darkness +11 85 Bon
Staffs Exc. Staff of Darkness +11 160 Bon
Pants Exc. Phantom Pants +11 52 Bon
Armors Exc. Phantom Armor +11 52 Bon
Boots Exc. Phantom Boots +11 52 Bon
Swords Exc. Explosion Blade +12 60 Bon
Boots Hyperion Bronze Boots +13 40 Bon
Shields Exc. Royal Protector 6 Bon
Armors Exc. Brave Armor 58 Bon
Pants Exc. Brave Pants 58 Bon
Armors Exc. Grand Soul Armor 230 kk Zen
Armors Ignored Red Spirit Armor 12 Bon
Boots Ichor Dark Soul Boots 58 Bon
Items Red Fenrir 52 Bon
Wings Wings of Storm 368 Bon
Shields Exc. Peacekeeper +13 2,415 Bon
Maces Exc. Scepter of Atlantis +13 2,415 Bon
Boots Exc. Volcano Boots 5 Bon
Bows Exc. Celestial Bow 115 kk Zen
Helms Exc. Dark Steel Helm +13 15 Bon
Swords Exc. Rune Blade 115 kk Zen
Swords Exc. Dark Kris 345 kk Zen
Wings Wings of Heaven 230 kk Zen
Shields Exc. Golden Shield 14 Bon
Boots Exc. Eclipse Boots 127.78 kk Zen
Staffs Exc. Grand Soul Staff 127.78 kk Zen
Armors Oblivion Dark Phoenix Armor 24 Bon
Staffs Exc. Staff of Darkness +11 161 Bon
Pants Exc. Scale Pants 22.23 kk Zen
Gloves Sati Iris Gloves 23 Bon
Armors Sati Iris Armor 23 Bon
Pants Sati Iris Pants 23 Bon
Helms Sati Iris Helm 23 Bon
Boots Sati Iris Boots 23 Bon
Wings Jewel of Bless x30 7 Bon

Master Jade Avalon Mega Vegas Extreme