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Here you can safely trade your characters in exchange for game bonuses (bonuses), so before buying a certain character you get a reliable description, so you are insured against fraud. All sales in the characters market are subject to 15% fees. After buying a character you won't be able to resell it within 30 days and you would not receive any referral bonuses for it.

If you will sell your character, his rankings position will be reseted to: Team Deathmatch Rankings, Endless Tower Rankings, Devil Square Rankings, Chaos Castle Rankings, Blood Castle Rankings


Found characters
-SuN- Blade Master 380 11 4,600 Bonuses
RonWisley Magic Gladiator 51 4 45 Bonuses
ElfaSote Muse Elf 3 3 40 Bonuses
TPaKToPuCT Blade Master 357 11 2,300 Bonuses
Jordanny Soul Master 21 5 49 Bonuses
mazila Soul Master 9 5 58 Bonuses
KoJIoBoK Blade Knight 1 7 230 Bonuses
KoJI9H4uK Soul Master 30 7 230 Bonuses