The new Vegas x777 server took place on March 28th!
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The time has come when the inhabitants of Origin server go on a long-awaited journey - Origin server merges with Mega server. As of today, server Origin has been online for 1 year and 125 days without wipes, Mega 336 days. This will be the second merger for Mega; before that, the Deus server was moved there. Empire and King servers have been moved to Origin in the past.

Server Mega was launched in September 2022 and has similar settings to the Origin server. At this moment, Mega has more than 1300 active players every day and 41 thousand characters created.

Characters that have reached 2 resets on Origin will be transferred to Mega. Your characters with items, resets, bonuses, and everything else will be moved safe and sound.

The main thing is to make sure that your account has at least one character with 2 resets, do not store your items on characters with less than 2 resets and empty your guild vaults.

The merge will take place on February 26.

Complete information about all the details about merging, instructions, and recommendations are available here.

Dear players! From the entire Bless Universe team we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May the New Year 2024 bring immense happiness, good health, family well-being, and many bright moments into the lives of each of you.

The time of year is approaching when we gather with family and friends, exchange gifts, and remind ourselves of the events of the passing year. We invite you to remember with nostalgia all the key changes in our project.

A new event - King of the Ring with weekly rewards was introduced on all servers and was repeatedly balanced and improved throughout the year. The rewards for the event have also been improved - more experience and the opportunity to get the Shard of Condor. The event itself visited a larger number of gaming locations.

Together with the Avalon server, we have simplified the creation of third wings by making Shards of Condor more accessible, as well as increasing the success rate of mixing wings from 40% to 90%. Now you can practically not be afraid of being left without resources obtained through hard work. The Castle Siege event has a prize for 3rd place, currently 10% of the castle's weekly treasury. A new location for farming has been introduced - Elbeland.

The Jade x10 server has become a long-awaited low-rate for hardcore players, balancing the ability to craft wings so that lagging players still have the opportunity to catch up with the top players ahead of them. New options were added to the 2nd wings to reduce the strength gap between the 2nd and 3rd. Along with the release of the server, a new mini-location was added - Abyssal Sanctuary. The Stadium map has been expanded and multi-drops from bosses have been introduced.

We can rightfully call Jade x10 our most successful server in the entire history of the project. It's been more than three months since its opening, and online traffic doesn't even show signs of slowing down. Finally, we see in the game several clans of almost equal strength who are fighting for the castle and it does not stay long with one of them.

Rebalancing the Castle Siege event has made it once again popular and competitive on most of our servers. We worked towards this for a long time, made numerous changes, and are finally happy with the result.

During the year there were 2 server mergers. The Empire server, which had been operating for more than two years, was merged with Origin, and the Deus server, after more than a year, was merged with Mega. Both mergers helped maintain player interest and made sieges on the host servers more intense.

A coin worth 1 kkk was added to the game, making it easier to use and store Zen. 5 wings can now be recrafted to suit your class. The game interface now displays information about Random Quest and Guild Task. You can also enable the built-in FPS counter. Game settings now allow you to enable the display of player nicknames.

The site now has the opportunity to give VIP gifts to friends, which we have been asking for for a long time. The item library has become even more convenient.

There were also a huge number of minor improvements. The system of achievements, tasks, and rewards of random quests was updated, it became possible to put fruits in packs, new bosses, increased experience gained in Endless Tower, reduced damage in PvP in Lorencia Fortress, added skipping waves in Endless Tower, rebalanced fenrir.

The most significant change over the year was the introduction of a new protection system Liveguard. For us, it became an additional layer of protection for the already existing anti-cheat. And the system developer is now actively dealing with problems related to client crashes.

We hired a new employee to the team, who helped us almost the entire last year, and who now helps us a lot in solving problems with Liveguard and catching unscrupulous players.

Next year we plan to move to the latest methods of processing graphics in the game, solve problems with out of sync, implement the most convenient knowledge base of the game, similar to Wikipedia, at the very beginning of the year, and finally introduce trading for web bonuses and many other surprises, which you will learn about by staying with us.

Thank you for being an integral part of Bless Universe. Your enthusiasm motivates us to continually improve our world. We are immensely grateful for your support, trust, dedication and loyalty.

In honor of the New Year holidays, we have prepared several contests for you:

New Year with Bless 2024
Screenshot Contest - Clans at their best

We wish you merry and joyful holidays, new adventures, and victories in the coming year! Santa Village is already open, and on New Year's Eve gifts will be waiting for you on the website.

Jade x10 server opened its doors a little less than three months ago, and if you missed the opening, now is the perfect time to start playing and enter the Hall of Fame, because the maximum reset on the server has not been reached yet.

Easy start: all new characters upon creation now will receive a +25% experience buff for 7 days and the first 3 resets can be done already at 350 level!

Additionally, we've added a one-off discount on a VIP account - if you have never purchased VIP, then at the first purchase it will cost you 300 web bonuses instead of 500 for 30 days.
New update is out! All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close the Launcher, and start it again. If you have problems with an auto-update, you can manually download and install Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all the suggested files. During the update, all game windows should be closed.

Numerous advancements have been made on our basic anti-cheat (not Liveguard). Now it recognizes various kinds of speed hacks much better, and also more reliably identifies suspicious players to add to Liveguard. You can check your Liveguard status in your personal account in the your characters section.

In the "O" settings menu you now turn on the function "Always show player nicknames".

Real-time FPS display has been added to the game; to see it, press Ctrl + S.

Additional King Ring event will take place every day at 11:00 o'clock.

When first time defending the castle after a successful capture, you can now defend with one alliance, if you had one at the time of capture. If the owners of the castle have two alliances, the weakest one will be automatically removed on Saturday. More information about the updated siege can be found here.

The problem due to which Red Dragons disappeared on the Endless Tower has been fixed, and another loophole with sneaking potions to the event has been closed.

Mobility and Resurrection talismans have been disabled in the Kanturu Arena and Lorencia Fortress areas.

Kalima Lost Map can no longer be used in the Valley of Loren and in the throne room.

We are starting preparations for a big update related to characters stuttering when taking damage. The current system with animation for taking damage will be completely removed because it is the main reason for characters getting out of sync in the game. All methods for moving characters will be disabled, except for Lightning and Dark Horse skill. Instead, a completely new stuttering system will be added, which will be tied to attack and movement speed, and which will not cause desyncs. We will share more detailed information as the work progresses.
Currently, our project is in need of C++ and Vulkan programmers. If you have anyone suitable in mind, don't hesitate to contact us.

More information about vacancies as well as our contacts are here.

We have updated our item library on the website. Now items are displayed in a complete list along with images, filters by character class have been added and navigation has been improved.

New crafts for newbie items have been added to the crafting system on the website, which will be very useful not only for beginners.

Big Shield for all classes - can be created from 3x Excellent Small Shield, has an additional option: Damage from monsters decreased by 50, it simply reduces damage from all monsters by 50. Ideal in the early stages of the game.

Dark Kris for all classes - can be created from 3x Excellent Kris, has no additional options, but has excellent basic characteristics. For crafting you will need 1x Gemstone.

Earthguard for all classes - you can create an Excellent version out of three regular Earthguards, has an additional option: Automatic HP recovery 5%. For crafting you will need 1x Gemstone. The shield can be obtained from a monster Earthguard in Noria.

Robust Kite Shield for warriors, gladiators, and lords - can be created from 3x Excellent Kite Shield, has an additional option: Increase Life +300. For crafting you will need 1x Gemstone.

Sphinx Shield for mages and gladiators - can be created from 3x Excellent parts of the Sphinx set, has an additional option: Each Sphinx item equipped increases Mana +300, each equipped Sphinx item will increase your Mana by 300. For crafting you will need 3x Gemstone.

Radiant Legendary Shield for mages and gladiators - can be created from 3x Excellent Legendary Shield, has an additional option: Increase HP +Mana/100, every 100 of your Mana will increase your HP by 1 unit. To craft you will need 3x Jewel of Harmony.

Aegis of Nature for elves - you can create an Excellent version of three regular Aegis of Nature, has an additional option: Increase Life and Automatic HP recovery +10%. For crafting you will need 3x Gemstone. The shield can be dropped from the Maokai monster in Jungle Noria.

The cost of crafting Excellent Archangel Weapons has been adjusted. For crafting you will additionally need 1x Gemstone.

In Dungeon, you can no longer be summoned by Dark Lord.

New server Bless Jade x10 is now open! Welcome and have fun!

In order for players to develop more evenly from the start, restrictions have been introduced on the creation of wings when the server is opened: a count of all created wings will be kept and, depending on this, new recipes will gradually open:

- to create lvl 3 wings, 3000 lvl 2 wings must be created on the server
- to create 4 lvl wings, 50 lvl 3 wings must be created on the server
- to create lvl 5 wings, 25 lvl 4 wings must be created on the server

You can track the number of wings already created on the server in server statistics. Regarding old servers, we do not have complete statistics of all mixes, but we will try to collect data from the existing logs manually.

The mix for level 3 wings creation has been updated; instead of Jewel of Creation, you now need Shard of Condor Bundle x10.

Wings 2 lvl have received new options, now with maximum upgrades your character can get HP and SD +475, Mana and AG +400 , Defense +300, Attack Speed +155, Enemy's Defense Ignore Rate +3%. This will slightly reduce the gap between wings 2 lvl and 3 lvl.

Improved options on basic fenrirs: Blue Fenrir received a 10% increase in damage and 50 Excellent Damage, Black Fenrir received a 10% increase in Defense and 500 HP. Now these pets will be able to stay relevant longer without the need for an expensive upgrade.

Stadium has been expanded, 5 new spots with new monsters and a Stadium God boss with a 50% multi-drop: Violet Mistery Box, Lilac Candy Box, Jewel of Guardian, Jewel of Creation, Zen 27kk, Jewel of Goldsmith. Multi-drop means that several items can drop from the boss, each with its own drop chance, all items can drop at once, or only some, depending on the chance.

New mini-location Abyssal Sanctuary has been added, where you will find a narrow corridor with monsters that stun you on the way to the Sea Shogun boss (multi-drop: 50% Shard of Condor, 100% Violet Mistery Box, 50% Pink Mistery Box, Zen). You can get to the Sanctuary through Elbeland.

Safe zone has been removed from Balgass Refuge; when teleporting to the location, players will appear randomly anywhere on the map. Added bosses: Pyrelord Unchained (multidrop: 10% Shard of Condor, 50% Violet Mistery Box, 50% Orange Candy Box, 100% 9kk Zen), Infernal Dualhowl (multidrop: 25% Claw of Beast, 100% Bless of Guardian, Zen ).

In Swamp of Peace, Medusa received a floating respawn time and 50% multi-drop: Violet Mistery Box, Pink Mistery Box, Green Ribbon Box, Blue Ribbon Box, Zen. New boss Golemgeist (multi-drop 25% Shard of Condor, 100% Elixir of Mana, 50% Jewel of Harmony, 50% Gemstone, Zen)

The HP of monsters in Chaos Castle increased tenfold. Now in the early stages of the game they will not fall out in one hit

Bless Arena bosses that are not used in the quest system were removed from VIP Arena 10 Main.

When entering the game you now see information about your ongoing Random Quest and Guild Quest. Also, when completing a quest, the chat will no longer flood; notifications have been moved to system messages.

All shields above Crimson Glory, Guardian, Frost Barrier, Salamander and Cross have been removed from the regular drop. Now it will be possible to get non-excellent versions of top shields only in the crafting system and on the website.

Mages now can transform their Exc. Chaos Lighting Staff into Exc. Chaos Great Staff. Chaos Machine Mix Recipe: Exc. Chaos Lighting Staff + Jewel of Creation x30 + Anubis Ring of Fire + Jewel Chaos. The cost of crafting is 500 kk Zen, the chance of success is 100%. When mixing, all options and upgrades of the item are preserved.

Options for Excellent Chaos Weapons have been balanced, now the basic versions give 10% Damage to Monsters and Critical Damage Rate, subsequent upgrades give a 5% increase, up to 20% for elves. To craft on the website, you will additionally need 1 Gemstone, which will now be found in the early stages of the quest system, as well as from the new monster in Lorencia.

Exc. Basilisk Staff can now be upgraded to Exc. Great Basilisk Staff, which is higher in grade and increases poison based damage by another 5%. Chaos Machine Mix Recipe: Exc. Basilisk Staff + Jewel of Soul x30, + Jewel of Life x30 + Mist Ring of Poison + Jewel Chaos. The cost of crafting is 700 kk Zen, the chance of success is 100%. When mixing, all options and upgrades of the item are preserved.

Additional upgrades to Divine Weapons now also provide a 5% increase in additional options. True Guardian Bow received an increase in Absorb True Damage PvP 90 (from 80), Chaos Blade and Shield Critical Damage Rate 12% (from 10%), Skeleton Staff AG & Mana 550 (from 500), Spirit Sword HP +9000 (from 7000) ).

Work on the website continues, the news are being updated

As promised, on Bless we always launch two new servers every year: in autumn and spring. It's September and we are pleased to present the new low-rate server Jade x10.

By tradition, we assign a prize fund from the administration in the amount of $5000 for the winners of Castle Siege. Each siege, until the prize fund runs out, the winner will receive 3000 bonuses, the second place guild will receive 2000 bonuses, and the third place will receive 1000 bonuses. .

The main distinguishing feature of the new server will be limitations for 3, 4 and 5 lvl wing creation. Chaos Machine mixes will be revealed gradually depending on the total amount of wings created. Tier 2 wings will receive completely new options, making them more competitive. Red, Black and Blue Fenrirs will be upgraded. We want to ensure that players will develop more evenly and that top players won't fly to the moon in the first week.

You can expect a rebalance of the unique options for crafted items, the addition of new interesting items to the crafting system, new bosses with multi-drops and, as always, some interesting surprises.

On the website we will finally have the opportunity to trade for Web Bonuses on the market. But this feature will be limited. The amount you can sell goods for Web Bonuses will depend on the amount you traded for regular bonuses. The more you sell for regular Bonuses, the more you can sell for Web Bonuses. We hope that this innovation will significantly reduce the share of the black market and protect players from unreliable transactions.

As usual, the achievement system will be updated based on statistics collected from the previous server. Quests that were the most difficult for players to complete and were slowest to complete will be made easier.

All referrals registered from today will already be valid on the new server. You can get your referral link in your personal account by logging into any of the existing servers. So, if your friends are not with us yet, then it's time to invite them to join you at the opening of our new server.

Participate in the giveaway and get a chance to win 500 bonuses on any of our projects! 10 winners will be chosen randomly on September 28!


Get acquainted with the key features of our project here.
A complete list of the features of our game worlds is here.
A detailed guide to playing on our servers is here.

Detailed information about the server and the reset table can be found here.

Jade x10 server will open on September 21st at 18:00!
The time has come when the inhabitants of Deus server go on a long-awaited journey - Deus server merges with Mega server. As of today server Deus has been online for 1 year and 125 days without wipes, Mega 336 days. This will be the first merge for both servers.

Server Mega was launched in September 2022 and has similar settings with Deus server. At this moment, Mega has more than 800 active players every day and 30 thousand characters created.

Deus players will be transferred to Mega. Your characters with items, resets bonuses and everything else will be moved safe and sound. The main thing is to make sure that your account has at least 1 character with resets, do not store your items on characters with no resets and empty your guild vaults.

After the transfer players from Deus will have their achievement buff activated. In the upcoming weeks before merger, players who have less than 100 achievement points on server Deus will receive a double increase when leveling achievements - kiling one monster, counts as two.

The merge will take place on September 5.

Complete information about all the details of merging, instructions and recommendations are available here.