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New Empire x500 server opened on October 29th!
Easy start for new players on our Empire x500 server!
Latest update patcher is always available here for download.

Destiny Server have opened a little over a month ago, and if you skipped that opening, this is your best chance to burst into Top 100 of Hall of Fame.

Now all new characters receive a +25% experience buff for 7 days and 2000 additional points, which will gradually decrease till 10 reset. And thanks to our "Simplified reset system", first 50 resets you can do before 400 level. This system is dynamical, and each few days count of required level will gradually decrease.

Also on Destiny, a one-off discount on VIP account has been added - if you have never purchased VIP, on the first time it will cost you 300 bonuses instead 500 for 30 days.

Call your friends and don't forget to use a referral reward system. Your personal referral link you can receive, after sign-in on website.

On the website a new Top Earners rating has been added, thanks to which there can be seen how much bonuses players get from server without donations: voting, referrals, ratings, resets, achievements and events. As well as through trading with other players. Now we know in person those, who really know how to earn impressive amounts without donations.

Two new recipes have been introduced to the crafting system on the website, where you can create jewelry of a random element from neutral Excellent jewelry. For the recipe, you will need 3 Exc Rings of Magic +5 or 3 Exc Pendant of Ability +5. To upgrade rings and amulets, you need to use the Jewel of Goldsmith, which can be obtained in Dungeon. Detailed information about the crafting system on the website is available here.

Update: Now when your referral donate bonuses to the server, you and your referral will receive an additional 10% to the transaction, but no more than 200 bonuses per person. Amount of bonuses received from each referral you can track in your profile on the website in the referrals. section.

New server Bless Destiny x1000 is now officially open! Welcome and a have great time!

Update: Due to the critical Zen shortage on the Destiny server, the Golden Budge Dragons respawn time has been reduced from 2 hours to 1 hour. Drop from Silver Medal, Gold Medal, Firecracker, Heart of Love got a small chance of a Zen drop.

Update: Current reset cost is slightly more hardcore than we would like. And given that there are many newcomers on the server, this problem can be decisive in determining whether a person can play on the server or not. In this regard, it was decided to reduce the cost of reset from 10kk to 5kk for each reset.

We in no case want to depreciate Zen, on the contrary, the task is to ensure that Zen is valued and does not lose its value after the end of a reset race. As it usually happens on our servers, while resets are being made - Zen is in short supply and absolutely everyone needs it. But as soon as the resets end, this currency begins to rapidly fall in price. In the near future, we plan to introduce additional Zen expense items, where players will be able to acquire certain benefits for Zen at will, and not by force, as with resets. The rise in price of the most popular craft recipes is also expected.

And now, we are announcing a competition for the new Endless Tower event! The competition will last two weeks and the winners will be announced on September 23. The prize in the form of Flame of Condor 1x will be given to the leader of the team that will take first place in the event rankings. And if at the time of the announcement of the winner in the ranking there will be more than 30 entries, the prize will be increased to Flame of Condor 3x and each member of the winner's team will additionally receive 1x Green Mistery Box, 2x Blue Ribbon Box and 3x Green Ribbon Box. Good luck!

Update: Enough with the lawlessness, too many lives were ruined in the underground labyrinths. Today post meridiem those who shed blood in the dungeon will be marked with blood.

For beginners: drop from medals and hearts has been updated, items number has decreased, obtaining stones, Zen and collecting needed sets became easier. From now on Silver Medal - Bone, Scale, Wind; Heart of Love/Firecracker - Sphinx, Plate, Spirit, Light Plate; Gold Medal - Legendary, Dragon, Guardian, Adamantine.
The first launch of a new server in 2019, on the Bless MU Online project. Stormy high-rate, which not only combines all our latest developments, but also presents several new interesting updates.

First of all, this is the release of the new Endless Tower event! Event will be available only on the new server, but in the future will move to all other game worlds. At the event, players in a team of 5 people will have to fight at speed, against the waves of various monsters, which become stronger with each round. The more waves you pass through, the more difficult and sophisticated the fights will become, but also your reward will increase. Especial interest of the event, namely on the new server, will be that along with the leveling of your characters, the number of waves that players will face will be increasing. In addition to many ordinary mobs, you will encounter bosses and monsters with special capabilities like mana drain, stun, ice, poison, item break or other machinations. And together with the fact that special rules apply at the event: certain skills are disabled, you can only use HP and Mana potions that have dropped at the event itself, you cannot fix items, etc., then to win you will really need coordinated work of all party members and the right strategies. Of course, there will be event ratings on the web, where you can compete with your score on the event. More information about the event will appear shortly.

In addition to the new event, you will find updated guild tributes with the Tribute store, where you can purchase loot boxes and other useful items for your GT points. For all servers: a new rating, the head of all ratings - The Halo of Glory, improved crafting on the website, new recipes, lottery updates, and finally, Lightning > Inferno > Aqua Beam Combo.

This is going to be the first server in the history of our project, with the most limited donate system. On sale in-store, there will be no sets (Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves, Boots) and wings 3 and 4 levels available for purchase. Pets will be available in-store only after the first castle siege.

We have revised system of achievements, facilitated the most long and tedious quests: WW, RD, CC DS etc. Progressing on quests process became more balanced and natural.

Also, as on the Titan server, the new server will receive reinforced monsters in all locations, which will significantly slow down the progress of players through the locations. New pets Hellion, Seraph and Elite Horse, which can be obtained exclusively by ingame methods. New stone Jewel of Goldsmith for upgrading jewelry. Access for everyone to the Stadium location on weekends. Possibility to create any wings with multiple options, guild quests and the gradual opening of resets and quests.

Detailed server information and a reset table can be found here.

All referrals registered from today will already be valid on the Destiny server. You can get your referral link in your account by logging in to any of the existing servers. So, if your friends are not yet with us, then it's time to invite them to join you at the opening of this gaming season.

Key facts about our project are here.
A complete list of the features of our gaming worlds is here.
A detailed guide for the game on our servers is here.

Stormy launch of Destiny x1000 server will take place on September 5 at 18:00!

Update: On all servers lottery has been updated! All weapons, shields, and wings from the lottery received additional options. For weapons - it is True Damage Increase PvP +200, SD Auto Recovery, for shields - True Damage Absorb PvP +200, Max HP +200. And for wings, True Damage Increase and Absorb +100. As you might have noticed, values of options are quite modest, and their task is not to make your character much stronger, but to emphasize uniqueness and exclusivity of drop from the lottery.

In group 4 all useless items have been removed, from now on you can get from there Fenrir, VIP, Cash Points or Power Buff.

Group 3 got significant improvements, thing like: Knight Blade, Platina Wing Staff, Kundun Staff, Albatross Bow, Arrow Viper Bow, Shining Scepter, Great Lord Scepter, Lightning Sword, Great Reign Crossbow, Dark Reign Blade, Lord Scepter, Crystal Dagger, Bronze Shield has been added.

From group 2 all rings and amulets were removed, Sword Bracker, Air Lynn Bow Absolute Scepter, Bone Blade, Grand Viper Staff, Sylph Wind Bow, Explosion Blade, Solay Scepter, Dragon Shield, Grand Soul Shield were added.

In general, we got rid of useless lots, and the common quantity of items in the lottery increased, which will add significant variability to your outfit and passion for winnings. More about updated lottery description you can read here.

A new mage combo started to work: Lightning > Inferno > Aquabeam. As the first skill Ice and Poison can also be used. To apply this combo your character should have third profession.

On the web-site a new rating called Hall of Fame. In it all your merit from all other ratings, which will highlight the most active and dignified server players.

Level of clan master will no longer affect the quantity of Battle Masters, from now on you can set maximum Battle Masters quantity on any level.

On the web-site opportunity to craft non-excellent weapons appeared, up to the most top exclusive items, which cannot be obtained by any other methods. More about craft recipes system read here.
Prime Server merged with Master. Master server opened it's doors in Winter of 2017, with very new Guild quests system, and this is first merge for Master server. Now Master have more than 500 active players every day, almost 12000 created characters.

Soon on Master server will be turned on "Tribute system", which will coexist with Guild quests system. Also experience on last reset will gain to 0.2x, instead of 0.1x. "Guild quests" duration season soon will be 1 week, instead of 2 weeks, and quests will be a little bit easier.

Prime players has succesfully transferred to Master server. Your characters with items, resets bonuses was moved safe and sound.
Make a donation and get 2 times more lottery tickets as a gift. The promotion will last until the end of the month.
Our website design had stayed conservative for a long 9 years. But it's time for changes. New Mu Bless design is right here! We have tried to refresh our design, so he can look more freshly and modern, but also save original gamma color and the spirit of old school Bless style. A lot of things we will improve, and we are ready to listen your opinions about it. Old style Bless website anyway is still available with new address

In near future we will concentrate our attention not only on visual side, but also take care about technical and user experience side parts too.

On server Extreme have added new Guild Tribute (GT) system. With help of tributes, players can gain GRP points, increase guild buff and earh lotterytickets. Also, thanks for tributes, castle coffer now will fill much faster. Read more about GT system you can here.

Updates in Grand Shop. Now all weapons and shields have all 6 excellent options. So we can say goodbye to old Flamberges with 4 options. In addition, now in GRP shop you can find new shields:Crimson Glory, Guardian, Frost Barrier, Salamander andCross. From "sets" section we have removed all trash and now all items have 4 excellent options.

Has changed amount of GRP points for Grand Resets. For 215 resets you will receive 300 GRP. At 100 reset now you can make first Grand Resetand receive 100 points. About detailed changes you can read here.

Also in our GRP shop changed pricing. From now, if you wanna buy one part of top set (Brave for example) you will need exactly one Grand Reset (300 points) or 6 Tribute. Top weapons (like Flamberge) or shield (like Crimson Glory) now cost 500 GRP or 10 tributes.

Now in Titan, Brave, Hades, Faith, Seraphim, Paewang, Destroy and Phantom set you can add PvP options for the site bonuses. Now players can transform their top GRP sets into top PVP sets.

It seems to us, that transition period after Zen reform now we can finish. So in this case, cost of reset increased to 1kk.

In addition, like a pleasant bonus, we increasing in almost 3 time frequency of drop items with 56 options. If right now, per week drops around 9 such items, so now this number can pass to 25 and more.

Now you will earn addition +10% bonuses for free, after withdraw to Titan server. Until 12 May, 50 lottery tickets on Titan server you can buy for 1500 bonuses, instead of 1750 standard bonuses cost.

Award for voting on Topg ranking is increased in 2 items (10 cash points instead 5)

Titan Server have opened a little over 3 months ago, and if you skipped that opening, this is your best chance to burst into Top 100.

Now all new characters receive +25% experience buff for 7 days and 2000 additional points, which will gradually decrease till 10 reset. And thanks to our "Simplified reset system" , first reset you can already make at 364 level. Good news - this system works till 20 reset. This system is dynamical, and each few days count of required level will gradually decrease.

Also on Titan server now you have opportunity to buy 30 days VIP only for 300 bonuses, instead 500. This discount works only for accounts, who never bought a vip before.

Call your friends and don't forget to use a referral reward system. Your personal referral link you can receive, after sign in on website.
New update is out! All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close the Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with an auto-update, you can manually download and install Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all of the suggested files.

We have optimized dashing and lunging skills: Spiral Slash for MG and all weapons skills for BK. Now you can use this abilities continuously and cover unlimited range without any stopping or being afraid that your character will star moving backwards.

Chaos Machine formulas for complex mixes have been adjusted. Added a special button Get Chaos Success Rate, when clicked, the server will send you the adjusted real percentage of the probability of success of your current mix.

In a duel, at the beginning of each round, the characters now freeze for 2 seconds in their original positions, this will exclude the possibility that the opponent will be able to approach you immediately after respawn before you see him.

In Chaos Castle, Dark Raven now humbly sits on Dark Lords arm and does not attack everything at sight.

Personal Store prices will no longer glitch after reconnect.
New update is out! All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close the Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with an auto-update, you can manually download and install Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all of the suggested files.

New ingame setting that allows to significantly decrease the amount of animations you receive from other players. It will make a dramatic impact on your game performance in Devil Square and other mass events.

We are continue to improve drop on Extreme server. You won't find items with 1 excellent option, now all items will have 2,3,4,5 and if you are very lucky - with 6 options. We are hope, that this changes will give you reason to search boxes and level up your items. Also this changes now work in web-craft system and guild quests.

On Extreme server, now all items from lottery have additional options. For weapons - True Damage Increase PVP +200, SD auto recovery. For shields - True Damage Absorb PvP +200, Max HP +200. And for wings - True Damage Increase Absorb +100. As you noticed, this options are more humble, and main goal of this options - make your items exclusive, not make much stronger.

Pink Mistery Box has been fixed, now it has 50% chance to drop an item +Luck as all other excellent boxes.

Aggressive Siege buff has been updated, now, if the guild successfully defended the castle, at the next siege registered attackers will receive a reinforcing buff: +5% Damage Increase and 2% Damage Absorb and 100 True Damage. If during the siege the last statue was destroyed or wasnt repaired initially the buff will increase by another 5% Damage, 2% Absorb and 100 True Damage. Now, if you want the siege buff to grow faster, you will have to actually attend sieges, break the gates and destroy that last statue.

Party creation is back on TDM. Magic Gladiator can no longer apply Fire Slash debuff on the allied tam. Prizes for the winning team are now Violet Mistery Boxes.

With activation the Crown during Castle Siege event, Crown switch object will disappear, this system will work the same as with two other switches.

Fixed the bug due to which the character could get, for example, the permanent effect of Ice or Poison.

Fixed an issue where, when killing a golden monster, the drop was supposedly not yours.