The new Vegas x777 server took place on March 28th!
Latest update patcher is always available here for download!
Register and receive a full-reset character with buffs as a gift!
Solving problems with the new protection of the game Liveguard here!

A new Support section has been added to the website.

This system will become our main prioritized section on solving individual issues. Now all the info about the game and website is gathered in one place. Segments will be added and updated when it is necessary.
To create a support ticket you need to have a registered account.

Forum will continue to function without any changes. Discord and social networks will mostly function as help for newbies, communication, and news.
New items to create in the Chaos Machine added to the game, which, by analogy with the Dragonbone Blade, have their own unique options. When created, items retain all the extra options and upgrades of the original item, but there is a 30% chance that the item will lose 1 to 3 upgrade levels.

Imperial Bone Blade - Doubles SD Recovery Speed ​​- if the character has PvP option SD Auto Recovery active, this sword when equipped accelerates regeneration of SD out of combat by half. The option is unique, the second equipped sword will not additionally speed up regeneration. Mix recipe: Exc. Bone Blade +15 + Wings of Conqueror + Jewel of Creation x30 + Jewel of Guardian x30 + Jewel of Chaos; cost 1.9 kkk Zen. As a result of the chaos combination, you will additionally receive one more item: Imperial Dragon Shield, which increases the maximum SD of a character by 9999. The shield will have the same number of options and upgrades as the original Bone Blade, including PvP options.

Celestial Staff - Excellent Damage Rate +5% - Increases the chance of Excellent Damage damage. Mix recipe: Exc. Eternal Staff +15 + Wings of Heaven +15 + Jewel of Creation x30 + Jewel of Harmony x30 + Feather of Condor + Jewel Chaos; cost 1.9 kkk Zen.

All recipes and parameters of the new items can be explored in more detail in our item library.

New update is out! All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close the Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with an auto-update, you can manually download and install Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all the suggested files. During the update, all game windows should be closed.

The amount of VIP arenas has been increased to 10 - now there are twice as many free spots for leveling up! Bosses have moved to arenas 9 and 10.

For VIP account holders, 5 additional game vaults are now available, and the capacity of the virtual bank has been increased from 50 to 200 slots. We hope that players will finally no longer have to create additional characters to store their acquired goods.

In Atlans, respawn of Great Bahamut, Silver Valkyrie, Lizard King, and Siren decreased from 15 to 10 seconds on all servers.

This year, on June 30, the Extreme server turns 10 years old! This is 3652 days of continuous uptime without any wipes. Thanks to everyone who has stayed with us throughout this time. Dedicated to this event, we have planned several promotions and bonuses for the players. Also, on all servers throughout July, the treasury of the castle will be increased from 1% to 3%. For example, on the Deus server, the treasury this month exceeded 8,000 bonuses, so in July the prize pool may increase to 24,000 bonuses.

Update: Congratulations to our best online ranking regulars. The most motivated player -MangusT- spent 54884 hours in the game - that's 6 years 3 months and one day, a really impressive result. All Top 10 players from the rating: -MangusT-, sieraDM, jeweler2, kotDL, PIKICA, -TheEagle-, -MAWINA-, -Hypnose-, Leeman and NoxY receive prizes from 5000 to 1000 bonuses.

The Guild Tribute system on Extreme has been updated similarly to other servers: you can choose to get a lottery ticket for 10 bonuses, a random box or Flame of Condor + 50 Grand Points.

Added new items to the Grand Shop: Night's Edge, Staff of Darkness, Flaming Phoenix Bow, Storm Breaker, Royal Scepter, Infernal Steel Shield, Spectral Barrier, Crystal Shroud and Royal Protector.

An easy start system for newbies on the Extreme server is enabled: all registered accounts get VIP access for 7 days, all created characters get +25% experience, Scroll of Defense +500, Elixir of Mana +6000 for mages and Tablet of Power (+400 Attack) for other classes for 7 days!

Also, a one-time discount for a VIP account has been added on the Extreme server - if you have never purchased a VIP, then at the first purchase it will cost you 300 bonuses instead of 500 for 30 days.

Update: Added the service of adding a PvP option to the fifth wings on the Extreme server, the option itself is the same as on the third wings. In addition to bonuses, to add the option you will need 100 Jewels of Harmony, 10 Jewels of Guardian, 30 Jewels of Goldsmith, 3 Feathers of Condor and 3 Flames of Condor.

Update: A new mix has been added to the Extreme server for creating the fifth wings, which allows you to use the third PvP wings instead of the fourth. The recipe looks like this: third PvP wings +15 + Violet Fenrir + Goldsmith x30 + Jewel of Guardian x30 + Jewel of Luck x10 + Jewel of Chaos. The mix is only available for PvP wings with Full options. The output is the fifth wings of the same class with Full options; there is also a 50% chance of losing enchant levels 1 to 4.

Phonomans killed in Bless Arena now spawn in Arkania upon death. Also fixed a bug with teleports after death in Bless Arena.

Deus x1000 server opened its doors two months ago, and if you missed the opening, now is the perfect time to start playing and enter the Hall of Fame!

All new characters upon creation now receive a +25% experience buff for 7 days and 2000 additional stat points that will last you for the first 10 resets. Thanks to our simplified reset system, the first 49 resets can be done before level 400. The system is dynamic and every few days the level required for a reset will gradually decrease. Now you can do your first reset at level 390!

Server Deus now has a one-off discount on a VIP account - if you have never purchased VIP, then at the first purchase it will cost you 300 web bonuses instead of 500 for 30 days.

Call your friends and do not forget to use the referral reward system. You can get your referral link in your account on the website.

When your referral donates bonuses, you and your referral will receive an additional + 10% of the transfer amount, but no more than 500 bonuses per person. You can track the number of bonuses earned from each referral in your account in the referrals section.

Due to numerous complaints about the running around and the inability to kill players in Chaos Castle, it was decided to remove the holes that created these problems. In the test mode, we will play like this, making sure that there are no more problems, after which we will consider the possibility of adding traps with stuns like on TDM in order to diversify the event.

Added new monsters: Rusthand in Jungle Noria, Ice Warrior in Snowstorm Devias, and Condor Beast in Swamp of Calmness. These mobs, along with the Death Dealer and Lava Demon, now have a random respawn time. Rusthand, Ice Warrior, Death Dealer 8 to 16 hours, Condor Beast 4 to 8 hours, they all drop Condor Shards. Lava Demon respawn is now from 5 to 10 hours, and the drop is changed to Tablet of Power. All listed monsters have global notifications when they are killed. We are starting to accept suggestions on what other existing bosses you would like to see randomly respawn.

The cost of putting a lot up for auction has been reduced from 25 to 10 bonuses, and the minimum selling price has been reduced from 100 to 50 bonuses. We wish you pleasant trading.
New wings 08.06.22

The long-awaited new Tier 5 wings have been added to the game: Wings of Flame God for Blade Master, Wings of Elysium for Grand Master, Wings of Celestial Body for High Elf, Wings of Annihilation for Duel Master, and Cloak of Dominator for Lord Emperor. In absolutely all respects, they are slightly superior to the current fourth wings: Defense, HP, Move Speed, Increase Damage, Absorb Damage, Excellent Options. You can see what the fifth fully upgraded wings with all the options look like here. Now full information with all the characteristics of the wings is displayed in the correct form on the website.

The Chaos Machine mix for the new wings is similar to how it happens with the Heaven's Divider sword: 100% chance of success and full preservation of all options and improvements. But there is a 50% chance that the resulting wings will lose from 1 to 4 upgrade levels. For mix, you will need: Level 3 Wings + Level 4 Wings+15 + Jewel of Goldsmith x30 + Jewel of Guardian x30 + Jewel of Luck x10 + Jewel of Chaos. It is the third wing in the mix that determines which class the final wings will be for. The fourth wings determine what options, upgrades, and improvements will be.

Cinema Mode has been added to the game, with which, by pressing the "Y" button, you can completely remove all interface elements and leave a clean picture with the game. This will be convenient for those who want to shoot videos in full-screen mode or take full-size beautiful screenshots.

Added built-in anti-lag in test mode. You can turn it on in the settings by pressing the "O" button in the game. At the moment, it disables some weather effects on the maps: sand, wind, Excellent and Ancient items glow, highlighted items on the floor, shadows, and all glow on all items. In the future, we will add additional features to the antilag to improve performance.

"Mouse on window" feature now is also available in the "O" menu. In this mode, the mouse cursor remains on the screen when the window is inactive.

New Bless Deus x1000 server is now open! Welcome and have fun!

The long-awaited Shards of Condor have been added to the game - fragments from which you can craft a full-fledged Flame of Condor. Chaos Machine combination mix: Condor Shard x30 + Jewel of Goldsmith x30 + Jewel of Creation x30 + Jewel Soul x30 + Jewel of Life x30 + Jewel of Chaos x1; cost 1 kkk Zen with 100% success rate. Shards have been added as prizes to the quest system, you can find out for which quests you can get a shard here. They are also added as drops to two bosses: Death Dealer in Ruined Lorencia and Lava Demon in Balgass Refuge. These changes should reduce the cost of Flame of Condor, reduce the load on Chaos Castle, make 3rd wings more accessible to the public, and open up new opportunities for trading with shards.

Updated the bosses in Devil Square, now the floor number matches the number of the golden monster that appears there: DS1 - Golden Goblin, DS5 - Golden Tantalos. On the last sixth floor, six golden monsters appear in order: Golden Budge Dragon, Golden Dragon, Golden Titan, Golden Dragon, Golden Lizard King, Golden Tantalos + Baragon with a Violet Mistery Box drop. All monsters in DS6 have been replaced with new ones, they have become a little stronger and give more experience. In the future, we should expect quests that, by analogy with BC7, will send you to DS6.

In the cities of Lorencia, Noria, Devias, trading through Personal Stores is now prohibited. A separate location has been allocated for this - Loren Market, now all shops can be found in one place, and they will no longer interfere in cities. In the future, we plan to make it possible to scroll through all open stores on the server using the list by approaching the NPC.

The Balgass Refuge location has been removed from the teleport menu. Now it can only be reached on foot through the Balgass Barracks. A small safe zone has been added to Refuge, where the character will stop for Freeze-Time when passing through the gate so that there is no desynchronization. Both locations are now Free-PvP zones, PK status does not increase when killing other players. Also, all the monsters were significantly strengthened here.

Two new spots with new monsters have been added to the game: Sirens in Atlants and Leatherheads in Silent Grounds. New boss for Lords of Bless Arena - Slaanesh. Linhao, Wukong, Homer, Lava Demon, Death Dealer, and Baragon also appeared in the game.