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Easy start for our new players on the King x100 server!
Special Bonuses offer up to 30% and lottery tickets for free.
Latest update patcher is always available here.

New update is out! All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close the Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with an auto-update, you can manually download and install Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all of the suggested files.

We made great efforts to improve and rebalance Ancient sets. The focus was on the grade E and D sets, they received significant improvements in every way. We have tried to ensure that even among the lowest grades there are no useless sets left. Many sets and combinations will now be a great alternative to Excellent items in the early stages of the game.

Alongside with the improvement of characteristics, it was necessary to change the components of some sets. In many sets, the number of parts that you need to assemble in order to get full set options has been reduced. It was required in order to make the process of combining parts from different Ancient sets as interesting and rewarding as possible. Set parts that were deleted: Piercing Helm and Boots, Eplete Helm and Gloves, Barnake Helm, Ceto Pants, Hyperion Armor, Garuda Pants, Cronus Boots, Odin Pants and Boots. These items on hand, lost their options, but they still fit for Feather of Condor mix. Overall, now we have a significantly larger amount of effective set part combinations.

Added new sets: Wild Destruction, Veseny Divine, Asylum Aschrow, Aces Eclipse, Talia Iris, Darkside Adamantine, Jokers Valiant and Hydra Thunder Hawk. They all consist of 2-3 items, work very effective in combination with Excellent items, and have their own characteristics.

The Power of the Ancients buff was improved: an additional 5% were given to DK, DW and MG, using a two-handed weapon or a staff, and DL when using raven. A gladiator when using a two-handed weapon can reach the maximum value of 40% increased damage.

In addition, we have fixed all know bugs with Ancient sets, including the missing titles and the possibility to get all the options without having a complete set. The total number of Ancient sets on our servers has already exceeded 60. A full description of all existing sets you can find here.

We have updated Rudolf, now it collects Zen only if your character is receiving experience, therefore it will no longer be possible to put your twink character on somebody elses spot to collect his Zen. Rudolf has a certain obtaining speed, so it will not be able to collect all the Zen on one spot, but if you are in Party with other Rudolfs, Zen will be shared relatively equally. Also, it will still continue to collect Zen after reconnect.

There are now 6 Ghost Warriors roaming freely in Dungeon, with the respawn time of 10 seconds and fixed drop of 3kk Zen.

You can now turn AutoParty Gold in the clicker settings. While the mode is activated by the F6 clicker, your character will automatically accept characters of different classes and a level no higher than yours by more than 120. The old commands for creating AutoParty remain unchanged, but now are accompanied by system messages so you can see what AP you acre creating.

Shadowmere itself received a visual overhaul. Hope, you will like it.

On the castle siege, when taking the switch, it will visually disappear from your screen while you hold it. For other players, the button is always visible. This should prevent various ways to keep the character in one place using the switch.

Fixed bugs: arrows can no longer lose Durability, teleportation of participants during football is now correct and does not affect other guild members. Fixed the problem with Personal Store disappearing after reconnect. In Devil Square, Queen Rainers were replaced by Alpha Crusts to improve performance. If to the Team Death Match arena you were teleported from BC, DS or CC, then at the end of TDM you will be teleported to the city.

Game client has been updated. All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with auto-update, you can manually download and install the Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all of the suggested files.

Behold the new arena for the Kanturu Domination Event! The location has become significantly larger and has three separate exits from the safe zone. Now we have plenty of space for maneuvers and the tactics of not letting out your opponents from the safe zone is now longer viable.

There is no longer big boss at the end. Now several Mays Nemess wander freely through the arena, killing them grants 50 Points and 50% chance to receive Box of Luck, Red Ribbon Box or Violet Mistery Box. Now even tourists can gain some profit from participating in the event.

30 seconds after teleporting to the event, the speed at which your character drinks HP Potions begins to gradually decline. Thanks to this, even the strongest players will not be able to hold their positions indefinitely and eventually die from weaker rivals who have just respawned after death. In other words, the longer you are in the arena and do not die, the slower you will consume your potions. Death of the character resets this effect.

Depending on the amount of points collected there can 3 prize-winning places. As a reward, guilds receive an increase of Guild Buff until the next event, as well as valuable boxes. One of three winning guilds will be chosen randomly and given access to the Kanturu Arena with spots for leveling-up for 24 hours. PvP damage on the event is reduced by 50%, and event duration is increased from 15 to 20 minutes. Detailed information about the event is available here.

Characteristics and mixes of Black and Blue Fenrirs were updated, now for a successful mix you will additionally require 3rd level wings. Spirit of Guardian stats have been slightly improved. Completely new Violet Fenrir has been added to the game. The recipe for its creation is still covered in mystery, but it is known that this will be one of the most expensive of existing combinations. More information about the updates pets is available here.

Only a little left until the long awaited merge between Legion and Extreme. This will be the most epic merge in the whole history of our projects. More than 20000 characters with their equipment, resets and bonuses will be transferred to Extreme. Extreme server was opened in the summer of 2012 and has been our first server with the no wipe concept. This is a life time guarantee of not losing your gameplay progress. The server has been working non-stop for almost 6 years now and is now home for over a 1000 players daily with 120 thousand characters created in total.

The server Legion started its life in 2014, back then called Orion and has already outlived a couple of epic merges. The server can be proud of a huge, although not very active player, but still a huge player base. So, as you can tell, merging these 2 huge player bases should be a merge of epic proportions. We are already seeing the return of some previously un-active players. And with the help of a series of changes planned and our plans for the future as a whole, Extreme can become our flagship for the ages!

More information about merge here.

Merge will be at April 10!

New quests have been added to the quest system: White Rabbits, LBA bosses, Kundun Lords, Nightmare, Erohim and Great Dragon for the dessert. Prizes: additional stat points, cashpoints and several top loot boxes. The total amount of quests has now reached 280. Some older quest appeared to be too complicated, so they were modified in quest 137 we now have White Wizards instead of Mays Hand, 139 Twin Tails, 141 Dreadfears, 163 Golden Tantallos, 200 Death King, 220 and 233 Relics of Kundun, 240 Nightmare. Now it will be a little easier for casual players to progress through the quest system.

The gain of Guild Buff for doing Guild Quests on the server Master, has been changed, the buff now is increased in whole numbers, not by percentage as before. Upon completing level 7 of the Guild Quest, the guild will receive 1500 extra guild buff points. This will help the upcoming guilds for whom the previous increase in percentage did not give any actual increase. As for the top guilds, it goes vice versa, they will get more reachable. Also the rewards have been upgraded, now besides the standard rewards, the guilds GM, AGM and BM will receive additional reward boxes. More about Guild Quests can be found here.

On all servers, the bonus gain division for referrals has been changed. The reward for the 1st stage has decreased, but the reward for the 3rd and final stage has been increased. The totāls amount of bonuses has been left unchanged, except for Extreme, where the amount is now the same as on the other servers. This was done to encourage players to level past just 1st reward stage. As an alternative source of bonuses on server Extreme, players now get bonuses for completing certain resets, as on all other servers. Also the dynamic experience has been changed a little, more info about it here. here.

The Zen rewards in Devil Square have been decreased, now the maximum reward for first place in DS6 is 150kk instead of 500. On servers Extreme and Inferno the cost for entering Bless Arena has been cut in half. The cost for doing resets has not been changed yet, while the Zen currency has not yet stabilized. Once it does, new prices will be set for doing resets and our high rate servers. In the future we will offer the players a chance to sell Zen for bonuses and vice versa. By doing this, we will also create a zen-to-bonuses exchange rate.

Team Death Match on Sundays will now be held at 17:00 on all of the servers.

We have worked on the server-client optimisation, so now upon bigger loads, which happen for instance in Devil Square or on Caste Siege, the players should not get the reconnect banner. We ask you to keep an eye on this and let us know if the reconnects have stopped during mass events.

Dark Lord can now summon players into locations before they appear on the characters Move-List. We have corrected the level requirements and now they are exactly lower by 50 levels, before they appear on the move list. The minimum level of the player who is summoned is also changed to 50.

Requirements for creating Feather of Condor have been increased feather of condor have been increased by 30%. Now to get the maximum possible success rates you will need ancient items with a higher grade or a better sharpening.

Dark Lords can no longer use Summon during the Kanturu Domination event. The event schedule has shifted an hour forwards and the Kanturu Domination event will now start right after TDM, at 20:30, and Asteroth has also been moved to 21:00. Also, we will be glad to hear your suggestions how to make the event better. Is it worth to increase the location Kanturu Arena, should the paths be widened and should the whole map be changed completely? How to better divide the buff for victory?

Game client has been updated. All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with auto-update, you can manually download and install the Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all of the suggested files.

Kanturu Arena Domination new daily PvP event has finished. It is a competition between guilds in controlling spots. Winning guild gets valuable loot and additional Guild Buff. Detailed information about the event is available here.

New bosses on the Lords of Bless Arena event: Witch Doctor, Cursed Necromancer, Knight Commander and Master Assasin. Exclusive drop of new LBA buffs: Arcanum of Life +6000 HP, Elixir of Mana +6000 Mana, Tablet of Power +400 DMG. The buffs last for 1 hour and do not disappear when you exit the game.

New Violet Mistery Box that has all existing loot boxes with Excellent items inside. You get anything from Box of Kundun +1 up to Green Mistery Box if you are lucky; it is like an extra lottery in game. And Witch Doctor drops antidote, in some situations it might be useful, probably.

View range of all LBA bosses has been dramatically increased, but their range of attack has been reduced. They can now see you from far away, but in order to hit you they will need to get closer to your character. Old tactics where you were able to damage bosses from a distance and not get hit in return will no longer work. Now you will need to be able to take a hit or to play catch-up with them. Detailed information about the Lords of Bless Arena event is available here.

Changes in the elemental resist jewelry now with the increase of sharpening, the vulnerability will grow one and half times slower than the resists, which means that your Pendant or Ring +15 will grant you 15% resistance and only 10% vulnerability. In addition, Pendant of Lightning now has a vulnerability to Ice attribute, and Ring of Poison to Earth attribute.

Drop system for the loot boxes with Excellent items received an extra note of excitement: now with each box you a have small chance of getting another box with a higher grade. For example: BOK+4 can now drop BOK+5, BOK+5 can drop Pink Mistery Box and so on. Hypothetically, if you are the luckiest man on the planet you can get from BOK+1 to the Green Mistery Box. The complete lineup of Excellent boxes now looks like this: BOK+1+2+3+4+5, Pink Mistery Box, Green Ribbon Box, Blue Ribbon Box and Green Mistery Box. The complete list of all loot boxes is available here.

Excellent Bolts and Arrows have been added to the game. Regular variants with 1 to 4 random excellent options can be obtained from Blue Ribbon Box (Asteroth). Variants with Full 6 excellent options are available only in the Lottery. These items will remain extra-rare and will never be sold in our shop on the website.

New top grade weapons for Blade Knights and Soul Masters have been added to the game: Lightbringer and Crystal Staff. Regular variants with 1 to 4 random excellent options can be obtained from Green Mistery Box (LBA) and Balgass. Variants with Full 6 excellent options are available only in the Lottery. These items will remain extra-rare and will never be sold in our shop on the website.

We have modified the mechanism of a Life Stone on a Castle Siege. A limit was set for use no more than 3 times for each guild during a siege. Life Stone now has an invulnerability for 60 seconds after installation. When the invulnerability ends it has 90% HP remaining, that is and indicator that it now can be damaged and destroyed. Also, it can no longer be placed further that the last castle gates. Its chaos mix recipe has also been changed, now you will need jewel bundles: 30x Chaos, 30x Bless, 30x Soul, 30x Life, 30x Creation, 10x Guardian.

Blood Castle can no longer be finished until it is at least 13 minutes in.

Lord of Kundun now retains its respawn time during server maintenances, same as LBA bosses.

Bosses that have 24 and 12 respawn times have been changed to 25 and 13 hours. It is done so its respawn times will always shift by one hour every day. In the long run rotations can go full circle, it will even the odds between players with different time zones.

Cash Shop prices have been updated. Some of the positions became cheaper, some more expensive. Several new items were added to the shop.

Dungeon buff no longer disappear if you leave the game, therefore the amount of Death Bones has been decreased.

Valiant set characteristics were adjusted, now its difference with the Thunder Hawk set is more substantual.

Power of the Ancient buff has been enhanced, knights now receive 30 percent addional damage when using two-handed weapons instead of 25, gladiators 35 instead of 30.

Anticheat has been upgraded; it is now more efficient in preventing different obscure methods of increasing game speed. Glitch with /move loren on VIP server has been fixed aswell.

There are no longer Asteroth and Great Dragon invasions on the VIP server, its drop is now compensated on the Kanturu Arena Domination event: Blue Ribbon for the victory and Green Ribbon for the boss. Getting top loot became even more competitive.

Added few new mini-spots in Dungeon.

Now you can warp to Atlans 3 & Kanturu 3 directly via MoveList.
Craft System on the website has been updated. Requirements for the first and second categories have been significantly reduced. Items with the lowest grades now do not need to be leveled-up at all. In addition, new mixes have been added: three regular Archangel weapons +9 can be mixed into one Excellent AA weapon. The same goes with Chaos Weapons, but requirements for item levels are +7.
Now you can craft all set items that are available in the game, even the highest grades like Brave, Hades and others. However, requirements for high rank crafts are also substantial.

In addition, we want to remind you that the chances of getting Excellent options from 1 to 4 are completely the same as in the game drop. Full information on the craft system can be found here.

By numerous requests, the class change service has been modified. You no longer need to have 400 level and undergo reset to change a class of your character. You can now change the class at any level; free points are recalculated to your new class, current reset and level. Class change does not affect the purchased stat points in any way.

Now you can trade Zen for Bonuses and vice versa on the Market on the website. Tax is applied in bonuses in both cases. You can sell any amount of Zen for Bonuses, or sell Bonuses for Zen.

Amount of Zen that is dropped from monsters has been modified, now it is constant and is not affected by the dynamic experience rates. You will receive the same amounts of Zen drops no matter what reset you are on.

Bonuses return percent for items bought in the shop from your account has been increased from 50% to 80%.

Main facts about our project here.
Full list of our features here.
Full guide about game play on our servers here.

With the opening you won't be able to buy stat points from website. 11 December will be able 200 stat point. 18 December 400. 25 December 600. 1 January 800. 8 January 1000.
3 & 4 level wings, Golden Fenrir, Demon, Spirit of guardian and Shadowmere will be on sale only 8 January, after first Castle Siege event. Also pets additional options " Excellent damage & Additional life " will be significantly reduced.

Full information about new system " Guild Assignments " will be available on Tuesday.

The launch of our new server BLESS MASTER x1 is very close! Participate in the bonuses giveaway on Facebook and VK and become one of 7 lucky beggars to win 100 Bonuses! Winners will be determined randomly on the 14 of December. Bonuses will be transferred to your account on the website, and you will be able to transfer them to any server you play.

For the first time in Bless history the most hardcore server we have ever opened. Only 10 resets and an all time low maximum stat point cap. On our server Master, you wont be able to find any sets in the donate Shop. All the set items like Helms, Armors, Pants, Boots and Gloves will only be obtainable strictly via gameplay by fighting for bosses and trading with other players. The chance to drop items with 4 excellent options and the vast variety of our updated Ancient sets give our players and incredible variety of choices for their character builds.

Besides the permanent limitations to our donate Shop, there will also be temporal limitations to other things that can be bought. For example, the option to buy additional 2000 stats will not be available at the start of the server. Also other aspects like VIP Buff, Power Buff, Set Bonus and Guild Buff will be balanced accordingly the realms of the x1 world. All in all this server will be much more different then our other servers and we will try to unlock the full potential of a super-low rate server. More detailed information about the changes in the balance, donate options and gameplay will be available shortly.

The most distinctive characterstic of this server will be and absolutely new system Guild Assignments. Every week all the guild on the server will receive an assingment it could be killing a specific amount of a certain monster, killing bosses, participating in events, doing quests or anything else. The guild gets 7 days to accomplish said assignment and after the 7 days are over, all the guild members receive rewards like Excellent items and additional Guild Buff, considering how successful they have been with the finishing of the assignment. More detailed information about Guild Assignments will be available very soon.

Before the opening you can also await a full rework of all Excellent item drops, corrections of one-handed and two-handed weapons, new options and a general update of the web Item Craft system and much more.

Full information about our new server can be found here.

The advertising campaign will be bigger then ever seen before, we will reach every MU player and we will build a truly huge community. By the way, all the referrals registered from this day on, will be working on our new server BLESS MASTER. You can get your referral link in the website by logging in to any of our existing servers.

To keep our champions busy and not distract them, we will not be opening any new servers for at least a half year after the opening of this server. Instead, we will fully dedicate our time on developing updates and new gameplay content. So, if you want to start playing in our realms, dont miss this chance, because the next wont come soon.

In addition, we are glad to announce that we are starting the development process of a new PvE event Endless Towers Event. In this event, players will have to truly push their characters to their absolute limits by fighting waves of monsters that are gradually becoming stronger and stronger. This PvE event will require maximum concentration and effort of each and every Party member.

The legendary start of BLESS MASTER x1 will happen on December 7, 18:00!!

Game client has been updated. All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with auto-update, you can manually download and install the Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all of the suggested files.

Entire lineup of Ancient Sets has been completely reworked. Total amount of sets has increased almost 3-fold, now we have 55 different sets. All sets are divided into grades: A, B, C, D, E. The lowest grades D and E are now available in the special drop in the Dungeon. Grades A, B and C remain as an exclusive prerogative of the castle owners. All sets were completely rebalanced among themselves; most dramatic changes were made to Increase Wizardry Damage % option, which unjustly raised DW sets over the other classes. The main goals were to add variety when choosing your items and make Ancient sets equally effective for each class.

Collecting any full Ancient set and pairing it with certain type of weapon grants you a special Buff: Power of the Ancients. For warriors, mages and gladiators buff turns on when you are using any two-handed weapon. For elfs - when using Bow or Crossbow. Dark Lord gains the buff when Dark Raven is equipped. Buff affects all outgoing damage. For all classes to get a buff you need to sacrifice your shield, thereby reducing your overall defense, but maximizing damage.

Current parameters of Ancient sets are not final and there will probably be additional changes after players will figure out what is what. Full information about all Ancient sets can be found here.

Dungeon map has undergone a complete reconstruction. It is no longer divided into floors. All territories are unified and represent one huge dungeon where players will wander in search of special monsters and valuable drop of Excellent and Ancient items, as well as special buffs. More information on the updated Dungeon location is available here.

Due to the fact that Ancient items became more accessible, requirements for successful mixing of Feather of Condor were significantly increased. Getting hands on Flame of Condor is now also harder, drop from Kalima 6 boss has been changed from CC Box to Jewel of Ancient Harmony. The only source of Condors Flames is now Chaos Castle.

Third-level wings received new options: Critical Damage Rate +2% and Excellent Damage Rate+2%. They replaced old malfunctioning options. Display of the third wing options on the website is now correct. Base Damage Increase & Absorb on the fourth-level wings has been increased by 2%. Critical, Excellent and Double Dmage Rate have been increased by 1%.

Shadowmere received an additional option of +6000 Life. Therefore, its price has grown, and it became the most authoritative of the existing pets. And his new look is already around the corner.

We have fixed a bug, when Magic Gladiator could not use his Fire Slash skill if somebody used Twisting Slash nearby.

When Dark Wizard is using his Teleport ability, he gains increased Defense Success Rate(x8) for one second.

Dark Lord got back his former Critical Damage formula depending on Energy. Still, Command stat gives the most substantial increase of the buff. Critical Damage = Energy/30 + Command/5.

Final damage from Magic Gladiator to Dark Knight has been increased by 10%.

The maximum amount of Zen you can store in your chest on the website has been increased to 100kkk.

Anticheat has been updated, now it can faster detect programs that accelerate the game. Client file check security also has been improved.

In the next part of the update, you can expect a complete rework of all Excellent items drops on the server, adjustments to one-handed and two-handed weapons, as well as improvements of the craft system on the website.

Game client has been updated. All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with auto-update, you can manually download and install the Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all of the suggested files.

Location Aida has been expanded, new territories were added. The total amount of spots on the map has more than doubled. We have one more Hellmaine and new mob Blaze Napin, which has a respawn time of 10 minutes and drops Navy Candy Box.

Losttower was left as the only Non-PvP location on the main server. Dungeon, Valley of Loren and Crywolf were fixed and now are actually zones of free PvP. Dark Lords Summon ability can no longer teleport phonomans with 15 kills or more to locations: Losstower, Atlans, Tarkan, Icarus, Aida and Kanturu. And when you reach 30 kills you will not be able to continue killing other players on this locations, unless you PK Clear.

Combo damage formulas were updated, the current figures now look like this:
DW: ENE + MaxMana/2
DK: STRx1.25 + MaxHP/50
ELF: STR/3 + AGI/2 + ENE/3 + DefenseSuccessRate x3
MG: STR + ENE + MaxMana/4 + MaxHP/50
DL: STR + ENE/2 + COM/2 + AG/2

There is a new Elven buff Ragefull Strikes. It adds extra combo damage for all party members for 60 seconds. The power of the buff depends on the maximum amount of Mana (MaxMana/10) of the elf caster. All elfs receive this skill after completing Marlon quest.

Dark Lords Critical Damage buff has been enhanced. Now it is dependent on the amount of Command that your character has. Maximum possible gain has more than tripled. The duration of the buff has been reduced and depends on Command. Minimum 60 seconds and maximum 220 seconds with 32k Command.

Dark Lords Electric Spike skill has been enhanced. Now it deals additional damage equal to 2% HP and 6% Mana of your party members that are in a view range.

Mana Shield has been modified, maximum possible absorption percent has been rolled back to 30%, but now you can achieve this value much sooner at 20k Energy and 40k Mana. In addition, we fixed a bug when the maximum duration of the buff was 166 seconds instead of the set 220 at 32k Energy.

Dark Wizards Nova skill has been significantly buffed. Now it deals enormous amount of damage when you reach the maximum charge at 6 seconds. Be careful with that, it might cause instant kills.

Dark Wizard and Magic gladiator also received additional Wizardry Damage, depending on the maximum amount of Mana they have. Formula: Additional Damage = MaxMana/20.

When using Teleport ability your Defense Success Rate PvP doubles. It means, that during teleport chance of enemy missing a hit on you increases.

The first blow from the Magic Gladiator, if he has not attacked anyone for 10 seconds now deals 300% damage. If MG kills any target, whether its a player or a monster, the timer is reset and your next hit will again deal 350% damage.

We have increased additional Defense that Elfs and Magic Gladiators gain from Vitality. It should help them survive on the high-rate servers.

All Excellent items that are dropped in the game from any sources now have an ultra-low chance of having 4 Excellent options. Yes, your heard it right, now you can get 4opt items in the game, but you should be incredibly lucky. These items will become the rarest in the game.

Basic models for character for all classed have been updated, now they look much more refined.

It was an update part 1.2, the long-awaited second part with new Ancient sets is in the final stage of development.