Master Jade Avalon Mega Vegas Extreme

Ranking of guilds that scored the most points in Lords of Bless Arena event this week.

Top resets every Monday at 09:00 GMT+2:00.

Lords of Bless Arena Rankings
1 12zen MON5TER Blade Master 1530 Online
2 MSCorp MS-Lucian Grand Master 40 Online
3 HOMIE Paparazi Blade Master 27 Online
4 Manipura Badalli Magic Gladiator 13 Online
5 AnhVsEm KingOfEvli Lord Emperor 12 Offline
6 Buzzz HUGE Blade Master 8 Online
7 R0B0tiX HeshKe High Elf 5 Offline
8 CATS A3byka High Elf 3 Offline
9 RaJoNaS BaLTaZaR Lord Emperor 3 Online
10 CHILL Armen Blade Master 1 Offline