Master Jade Avalon Mega Vegas Extreme

Here are displayed the most active and determined players who scored the most points for the victory in Team Deathmatch daily event for the current week. More information about the event can be found here.

Top resets every Monday at 09:00 GMT+2:00 top leaders will receive prizes in the form of bonuses.

Team Deathmatch Rankings
1 Facebook Carnage Blade Master 3 50 Offline
2 10fps NGC3388 High Elf 3 45 Online
3 10fps edness Lord Emperor 2 40 Online
4 MU4Life Cielavinjs Grand Master 2 35 Online
5 POLONUS Thorngall Grand Master 2 30 Offline
6 Facebook profesor High Elf 2 25 Online
7 ELITE st1f Blade Master 1 20 Offline
8 10fps -WaNsOn- Grand Master 1 15 Online