The new Vegas x777 server took place on March 28th!
Latest update patcher is always available here for download!
Register and receive a full-reset character with buffs as a gift!
Solving problems with the new protection of the game Liveguard here!

Guild rankings are now determined by a new parameter ‚ÄĒ Prestige, which more accurately reflects the true strength of guilds. Prestige takes into account Guild Buff, achievements, equipment, VIP accounts, and active Power buffs. This parameter will now be used when selecting the strongest participants for siege registration.

To determine the second and third place at the Castle, the destruction of objects in the Valley of Loren will also be considered: guilds will receive 2 points for breaking gates or statues, and 1 point for destroying a Canon Tower. More details on the Castle Siege scoring can be found here.

To improve balance, the requirements for participating in Team Deathmatch have been increased. You now need level 300 and 200 completed quests to participate. The minimum number of participants to start the event is now 8 players. An algorithm has also been added to ensure that the number of participants in each team is as equal as possible.
Zaikan and Illusions of Kundun in Kalima and VIP Arena now have random respawn times.

If you still haven't gotten the hang of navigating the site, we've released a new video just for you!
The ranking for lottery resilience has been changed: now, we reward not the winners, but those who have used the most tickets over the week without winning any prizes from groups 1 or 2.

The number of prize lottery tickets depends on the total number of lottery tickets used across the entire server for the week. The first place receives 2% of all tickets, the second place receives 1.5%, and the third place receives 1%. Additionally, winners will also receive between 10% and 20% of the tickets they used during the week.

Rewards for the previous winner ranking will be issued manually for the last time next week.

A new educational video about the Castle Siege event was released on our YouTube channel! We are also giving away web bonuses, due to its release.

In guest mode, the Chaos Machine can now only be used for crafting BC and DS tickets. You no longer have to worry about someone destroying your valuable items. Additionally, guests can no longer sell Excellent items with upgrade level of +10 or higher to the shop. Shards and Flames of Condor have also been added to the list of items that cannot be sold to the shop. The restriction on dropping HP and Mana potions on the ground has been removed.

Due to the increased mobility of DKs from the lack of staggering during movement, we continue to increase the impact of debuffs on this class. The duration of the Ice Arrow effect on DK has been increased from 8 to 10 seconds, Ice from 12 to 15 seconds, Cold (Strike of Destruction) from 12 to 13 seconds. The Poison effect on DK has been increased from 12% to 16%. The Cold effect on elves has been reduced from 10 to 8 seconds.

On the Endless Tower, the /stuck command has been renamed to /skipwave. It allows you to skip the current wave if it has glitched. The command can only be used once per event and only if there are no more than 5 monsters left. The /stuck command in experimental mode now refreshes your character's view, potentially helping if you cannot see the boss. The command can be used once every 60 seconds.

After TDM, all characters will now be sent to Arkania to avoid various teleport issues that often occur after the event ends.

Game vault processing has been moved to another data server, please let us know if this has improved the vault opening speed.

Random respawn time for Condor bosses has been adjusted.

Vegas x777 server opened its doors a little less than three months ago, and if you missed the opening, now is the perfect time to start playing and enter the Hall of Fame.

Easy start: all new characters upon creation now will receive a +25% experience buff for 7 days and the first 10 resets can be done already at 330 level!

Additionally, we've added a one-off discount on a VIP account - if you have never purchased VIP, then at the first purchase it will cost you 300 web bonuses instead of 500 for 30 days.

Now when you withdraw to the Vegas server, you receive 20% more bonuses.
The long-awaited Lottery Resilience Rankings is now available on the website. Each week, three players who have fed the lottery the most and won a Group 2 prize or a Jackpot will receive rewards in the form of lottery tickets. The ranking takes into account the "Feeded" parameter you had at the time of winning a Group 2 prize or the Jackpot. The more tickets you used to win the prize, the higher your ranking will be.

The number of prize lottery tickets depends on the total number of lottery tickets used on the entire server during the week. First place receives 1% of all tickets, second place 0.7%, and third place 0.5%. Additionally, winners also receive from 5% to 15% of the tickets they used during the week.

The first awards for the current week will be given out this Monday. Additionally, on the Vegas server, we are giving bonus rewards of 500 to 50 lottery tickets to the top 10 all-time feeding record holders - these players have had the worst luck, but they showed remarkable resilience and eventually managed to win a prize:  1. Awanxy  2. tuztuz  
3. TURK  4. Helldiver  5. ValidName  6. JESUS  7. Zipers  8. PATRICIA  9. xxsa  10. woeful

Changes in guild quests: now, to receive a prize in the form of Shards of Condor and boxes, the guild must be in the Top 10 of the guild ranking. So, in addition to completing the task itself, you will need to compete with other guilds if you want to receive additional rewards.

The long-awaited Devias Fortress Event is now live. The event will take place every day at 19:30 on regular days and at 16:30 on Sundays. The event is similar to Lorencia Fortress, where guilds compete for control of spots, and the winner receives prizes, buffs, and access to a private location with spots. This time, guilds have the opportunity to obtain their own fortress in Devias, which is available from level 15 and will be a valuable asset during reset and tribute races.

Guild Buff, obtained by guilds taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, will be accumulated during the week and reset on Sunday after the siege. The guild that gains access to the fortress for 24 hours is randomly selected from all participants who have earned more than 2000 points. On VIP and Sub servers, access to location is open to everyone, but spots and additional bosses are removed.

Detailed information about the event can be found here.

Update: The scoring system in Devias Fortress has been adjusted - now points are awarded to only one player at a single point. If multiple people from different guilds are standing at the same point simultaneously, no points will be awarded.

The spawn areas for Golden Goblin, Golden Soldier, Golden Titan, and Golden Dragon have been significantly expanded: they can now appear anywhere on the map.

Notifications before Condor Shard bosses respawn have been removed.

Update: The mechanics of the jumping weapon skills for BK and MG have been fixed. Now, if a target runs away from you, your character will no longer automatically pursue it, thereby ending up in a lag.

We have observed how our referral system is being utilized and have decided to make some enhancements in line with current realities.

Now, there's an option to change your referrer (the person whose referral link you used to register). This can be done if you haven't received any referral rewards on a specific server yet. It could be relevant if your current referrer, for example, stopped playing or ceased to assist you in the game. Changing your referrer is allowed only once per server.

For those who registered without a referrer, there's now an opportunity to input an invitation number and become a referral of the player you choose. This option will be available until you have spent more than 100 hours in the game on a specific server. This allows proactive players to seek potential referrals directly in the game among newcomers. Once you become a referral in this way, you cannot change your referrer on that server.

You can now find out who your referrer is in the referrals section, where you can also obtain your personal referral invitation number.

When a new server opens, you no longer need to register a new account; you can stay with your current referrer or choose a new one.

For all accounts with a referrer, there's now a one-time offer: upon the first purchase of bonuses, you'll receive additional lottery tickets - 1 ticket for every 200 purchased bonuses. If you change your referrer, you have 60 minutes to claim the bonus.

Similarly, streamer promo codes work; in the donate section, you can enter a streamer's Promo Code or a player's invitation number to become their referral. Within 60 minutes of entering the promo code, you'll have the opportunity to receive additional lottery tickets with your first donation. Promo code usage is available if you've spent less than 100 hours in the game on a specific server.

In the future, we plan to introduce account progression elements that will apply to all servers at the same time, further motivating players to stick with one account consistently.

New server Bless Vegas x777 is now open! Welcome and have fun!

Introducing Eurale - the elder and much fiercer sister of Medusa. She is now the main boss in the Swamp of Peace from which you can obtain parts of the new top-tier armor sets: Stormwing, Dark, Devil, Magic Knight, and Ambition. The respawn time is random, up to 15 hours. There will be a global notification to the entire server 5 minutes before her appearance. Medusa now also has global notification before respawning.

When killing bosses containing the Shard of Condor, the notification will no longer specify which specific monster was killed; 5 minutes before the respawn of any of the Shard bosses, there will be a notification to the entire server indicating that one of the monsters will soon appear, without specifying which one. This is done to maximize the randomization of the respawn of these bosses and make it practically impossible for the same players to control them.

For the drop of Ancient items, we now have new bosses - Ancient Lords. Their names immediately indicate which grade of Ancient items drops from them. Now in Dungeon, there are 4x Ancient Lord (E), 2x Ancient Lord (D), in Ruined Lorencia 3x Ancient Lord (E), Jungle Noria 1x Ancient Lord (D), and in Snowstorm Devias, Ancient Lord (C). It will not be as easy to kill the new bosses as it was with the previous ones.

Armored Goldsmiths in the Dungeon now have random respawn times. There are fewer Goldsmiths in the Dungeon, but they have appeared in Devias Fortress and Snowstorm Devias, with a noticeable increase in health.

The level of Chaos, Bless, Soul, and Life jewels has been increased. This means that these jewels will no longer drop from regular monsters in newbie locations. Jewel of Chaos will now start dropping from Vepar in Atlans, Bless from Silver Valkyrie, Soul from Mutant, and Life from Bloody Wolf. This should significantly reduce the prevalence of AFK jewel farming in starting locations. Additionally, the drop of jewels in Aida has been completely removed. As a result, Non-PvP locations are now exclusively applicable for leveling up and completing quests.

It's time for the thrill at Bless, time to try your luck!

Upon opening any Violet Mistery Box, you have a chance to win 7 Violet Mistery Boxes.

When using the VIP command /gift, you have a chance to win a lottery ticket.

With each subsequent tribute, your chance of receiving a Pink Mistery Box will decrease, while the chance of receiving all other prizes will increase. This will continue until you win the Flame of Condor or until the percentage of Pink Mistery Boxes is completely depleted. Upon winning the main prize, the Flame of Condor, your chances will return to standard values.

The lottery can now be fed: each used ticket slightly increases your chances of winning the Jackpot and the best category with items thanks to the cumulative effect. The more you feed the lottery, the greater your chance of winning a prize of Group 1 and 2. Upon winning the Jackpot or the best category with items, your chances will return to standard. Soon, a player ranking will appear on the website showing those who managed to feed the lottery the most before winning a prize. The unluckiest players, those who have used the most tickets without winning main prizes, will receive additional lottery tickets every week as a reward.

For some rewards in both quest systems in the game, there is now a chance to receive more than one item as a prize. This applies to rewards that often left players disappointed. For example, in the 287th quest "Cursed King," if you're lucky, you can now receive up to 6 Violet Mystery Boxes.

On server Vegas, Starter Pack Bundles are now available, combining multiple services at a discounted rate. Each Starter Pack can be purchased only once.